How to Get Married in Mexico

Your Guide to Having the Big Day in Paradise

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He�s got down on one knee and said the words, now it�s time to get the plan for your wedding into action!

This guide is for those who are planning on a destination wedding and considering Mexico. We hope to give you lots of useful tips to ensure planning and celebrating your wedding will be an amazing experience.

Why Get Married in Mexico?

If you want to have an idyllic destination wedding, then the Caribbean coast of Mexico is both a stunning and practical travel destination for North American wedding parties.

"Destination weddings are a wonderful way to turn your wedding into a weekend or even week full of fun with your family and friends. What better way to celebrate your vows then by having multiple days to eat, drink and be merry with your nearest and dearest?"

Lauren Randolph, My Hotel Wedding

Weddings in the Riviera Maya are great value, and it may be more cost effective for you to celebrate your big day in Mexico. Just a short flight from the southern United States, you�ll be in beautiful surroundings with world beating activities on your doorstep.

Getting married here also allows the newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon immediately after the wedding without further travel.

Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding in Mexico

Saving the Date

A Riviera Maya wedding is most suited outside of the tropical wet season, which runs from June � October. You�re more likely to get the perfect Riviera weather and capture the romantic sunset of your dreams from November through to May.

Riviera Maya average temperature and rainfall:

Weather in the Riviera Maya

Picking Your Wedding Package

BlueBay Resorts offer a total of five Riviera Maya wedding packages. The Blue Diamond Resort has three packages and The BlueBay Grand Esmeralda offers five. The different packages have lots of options, including whether you�d like your ceremony to be on the beach or within the hotel grounds.

Confirming Your Wedding

Once you�ve decided on your package, you will need to pay a deposit to confirm the wedding date.

The hotel will then send the wedding kit, which has all the services we offer. Each can be tailored and adjusted to your needs by the hotel wedding team.

The wedding needs to be paid and confirmed one month before the date.

Legal Requirements

Getting legally married in Mexico does come with its own specific requirements.

Couples often choose to get legally married in their home country before travelling to a destination � this can save on extra requirements when you arrive. Instead of worrying about the legal formalities, you can focus on the main celebration instead.

To get legally married in Mexico you will need the following:

  • Copies of your passport.
  • Copies of your Tourist Card.
  • Copies of your birth certificate.
  • An application stating whether you wish to marry.
  • A blood test taken at the hotel.
  • Four witnesses with passports and tourist cards.

If a foreigner wishes to marry a Mexican citizen, they must obtain authorisation from the National Institute of Migration.

If you want your parent's names to appear on the marriage certificate, you would both need to provide your original birth certificates with the apostille seal and have it translated in Mexico.

Your Guests

When you know your guest list, it�s important to tell them about your wedding at least four months before the wedding date. This will give them enough time to properly RSVP, book the necessary time off work and get their flights. It also allows some leeway in any guest adjustments, as everything will need to be confirmed with the hotel one month before the wedding ceremony.

The Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen is serviced by Cancun International Airport, which is very well connected to major US cities. It's a 45 minute transfer from the airport to the Riviera Maya area, and both Bluebay hotels offer transportation at a surcharge.

The Wedding

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You�ve made all the plans and it�s now ready for the celebrations to begin!

Entertaining Your Guests

In the build up to a wedding in Mexico, many couples choose to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties at the destination. This can save on costs and make it more convenient for all the bride and groom�s friends to make the special event and the wedding itself.

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Of course, there is no shortage of nightlife in Riviera Maya. The world famous bars and restaurants of Cancun are within driving distance, while nearby Playa Del Carmen is also well-known for its late night scene. It�s the perfect place for one (or a few) final nights of freedom!

Along with bachelor and bachelorette parties, it�s common to arrange welcome dinners and other parties before the wedding. Just ask the hotel staff for more information about arranging extra parties.

"Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world - so if the idea is to get married at a white sand beach, then the best choice will be to get married in Mexico."

Genya and Erik Shenko, Shenko Photo

The Ceremony

The Big Day has arrived � but if you use our service, you�ll be in extremely safe and stress free hands.

Riviera Maya Wedding Ceremony

Because of the relaxed atmosphere, it�s typical for the wedding couple and guests to be able to do an activity in the morning before a wedding ceremony. Most people choose to get married in the afternoon, after all, it makes for beautiful ceremony and beachside wedding photos with an accompanying glowing sunset!

The ceremony lasts about 20 minutes, with photos after and dinner is at 6 p.m.

Activities and Afterwards

Just married in the Riviera Maya

The joy of a wedding in the Riviera Maya doesn�t end with the ceremony. It's one of the richest spots in the world for amazing activities, and if you�re staying for a week or two you simply can't run out of things to do.

Historic Mayan ruins, including the legendary Chichen Itza and spectacular Tulum complex, are well within driving distance.

The Caribbean Sea boasts one of the world's most spectacular coral reef systems � it's a snorkelling and scuba diving hotspot packed with marine wildlife.

Nature lovers can also discover the incredible depth of the Yucatan Peninsula�s biodiversity through visiting one of the eco-parks, like XCaret or Xel-Ha.

If you want to find out more about activities to add to your destination wedding, or you want to add to your guest's own Riviera Maya adventure, see our guide to 7 Things You Must Do When You Stay in the Riviera Maya.

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